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If a patient left before being triaged or put into a bed: Dispo and condition = LWBT. This will probably be diagnosis too. They never made it to a treatment area.

A patient had an AMA discussion and chooses to leave against advice: Dispo and condition= AMA. The Diagnosis is whatever the diagnosis is.

A patient left from the treatment area before completion of treatment, but there was no discharge discussion: Dispo and condition = eloped. Here the diagnosis is as good as you can make it, depending on your contact with the patient.

Eloped should be EVERYONE that made it to the treatment area but left before the discharge decision/ discussion. If they were suitable for d/c but never got papers, you may make dispo discharge, but document they left without papers. If you saw the patient, even from across the room, you should document what you can.

Also- Just to clarify: It is a waste of time to say “remove from board” without putting a Diagnosis/ dispo and condition on the chart.

If someone was sent to L and D, they still need a Diagnosis/ dispo and condition before being removed. This should generally be the senior or north attending job. You may touch base with the charge nurse so she can communicate these to you.

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February 8th, 2007 at 4:45 am

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Some highlights from the ED Antibiogram:

MSSA: cefazolin 100% sensitive
MRSA: vancomycin 100% sensitive
Strep Pneumo: Ceftriaxone 100% sensitive
Strep Pneumo (meningitis): Vanco 100% sensitive
E Coli:
  macrobid 98% sensitive
  ceftriaxone 97% sensitive
  zosyn 97% sensitive
  cefepime 100% sensitive
  zosyn 100% sensitive

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February 6th, 2007 at 9:09 pm

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