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Tuesday, sept 4 2007 the radiology department will begin its contract with Virtual Radiology Partners (a nighthawk type of operation out of Minnosota) to read head and body CTs (not MRIs) from 11:30 pm until 7 am; all of these radiologists are boarded in radiology and licensed in new york. we are promised dictated reads into IBEX within 30 minutes of VRP receiving the films (which will be shortly after the study is completed). radiology residents will not be involved with the reading of films from 11:30 pm until 7 am. questions regarding a read should be directed to VRC by calling 1 (866) 941-5695. VRC does an internal audit for QA on 1% of their charts; our radiologists will do a 100% overread of the VRC reads in the am – it is not anticipated that this will result in missed findings impacting ED decision making.

In order for this to work, please follow these steps:

  1. order in IBEX as usual
  2. call the radiology resident on beeper #1490 so the study can be protocolized(more on this below)*
  3. You must write a reasonable reason why you are getting the study and suspected diagnosis on the request – please do not write “rule out pathology”!!!
    you must include your call back number

Also beginning september 4, 2007, our radiologists will expand their hours of operation with an evening shift. on weekdays there will be a neuroradiology fellow and body fauclty radiologist reading films until 11 pm. on the weekends it will be from 8 am until 5 pm.

*Regarding calling the radiology resident to protocol CTs: up until 11 pm it is optional to let radiology know of an ordered study however it makes sense to facilitate communication as much as possible – especially with sick patients. 79% of radiology requests throughout the hospital come in as “stat” so there is no way the radiologist can know how to prioritize unless you communicate directly. that said, radiology is working to fine tune the process of when the IBEX request is sent and when it is read by the radiologist in order to avoid requests falling between the cracks; the radiology evening supervisors will be inserviced in ensuring ED requests are processed.

After 11 pm – always let the radiologist know of the request . . . if you want the CT done!

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August 31st, 2007 at 9:25 pm

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