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Elmhurst DNR Forms


HHC has significantly simplified the DNR/DNI process (I know, I can’t believe it either).

Here is the deal:

Pt is making his or her own decisions and wants to be DNR and/or DNI:
Have pt sign a pink DNR form and if he or she wants DNI, a refusal of treat form
this is unchanged

For everything else, including proxy, surrogate, DNR, DNI, withdrawal of care you just need to use one form
It is in the cardiac room form rack or here:
You need to identify the family member who is the proxy or surrogate on the form, but he or she doesn’t need to sign (huge win for pall care).

Email me if you have any questions


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July 8th, 2012 at 2:50 pm

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Elmhurst Bellevue Hospital Transfers

Dear Colleagues,

We just finished a conference call with Bellevue Hospital Administration (ED, Admitting and Transfer Office) regarding Riker’s Island inmate transfers. The following is the agreement which is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:

1) For all transfers and 24 hours/day: call the transfer office at 212-562-6458 or 646-772-2415
2) Give the patient’s name, DOB, Diagnosis, Presumed Accepting Service and our attending’s cordless number (DO NOT GIVE THE GENERAL ED NUMBER). This ensures direct/expedited contact with us.

The transfer office will locate an accepting attending. That accepting attending is expected to call us for report and call the transfer office back when the contact with us is made. That attending cannot refuse to take the patient if we determine the patient is a RI prisoner and is stable for transfer.

3) They have 30 minutes to call us for report
4) If no call back is received within 30 minutes call and transfer the patient to the ED the way we have done it in the past and inform them that the above has failed.

**No need to call Dr. Bud Heyman at any time.**



Stu and I just had another conference call with the Bellevue ED medical director, transfer services director and medical inpatient hospitalist service director regarding transfers. The following was agreed to:

1) We make one telephone call to the transfer office to inform them of the transfer
2) Give them the cordless # of our attending so they can make direct contact with our staff
3) The transfer office is responsible for locating the inpatient service physician at Bellevue and will give their doctor the number to call us
4) We should get a call back within 30 minutes

***If there are no inpatient beds the patient will be accepted by the Bellevue ED (call the ED)
###There is no expectation that the patient waits in our ED for 6 hours until a bed comes available
@@@They have at times had difficulty getting in touch with our attending so please make sure we are available to receive the call from their doctors

Please continue to send me and Stu emails with details about the difficulty you have with these cases. Please get names of people in the transfer office who you have disagreements with regarding the above agreement.


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July 4th, 2012 at 3:00 am

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