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Ultrasound Clarifications

Just to clarify some misconceptions:

1. Where are the ultrasound machines?

The machine labeled “Resus” should be kept near Resus, plugged in
The machine labeled “South 13” should be kept in South 13, plugged in
The same pattern is repeated for the machines labeled, “Peds 4” and “South 9”
Try to leave the vessel finder (the “S-Cath” machine) near Resus, or at least in some obvious, open location. When it is used in the back of a patient room for an IV and left there, the next user will have difficulty finding it.

2. Which gel should be used for the ultrasound machines?

“Ultrasound Gel” is for ultrasounds. It is optimized to conduct sound waves

“Electrode Gel” is for electrodes (like the defibrillator paddles). It is optimized to conduct electricity. When used with ultrasound it yields worse images, is hard to clean off the probes and patients, and often implies that somewhere there is a defibrillator without gel.

3. Who left the machine dirty?

We are actively investigating the “two guys” who leave the probes covered in gunk, unplug the machines, and hide them in the utility rooms while the rest of the ED staff are minding their own business. Until these perpetrators are apprehended, please be sure to leave the machine ready for the next person to use:

-Clean the probes with TranSeptic spray before and after each use
-Leave the machines in their proper location, plugged in
-Do not leave garbage, especially medical waste and sharps, on the machines

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