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Mumps Alert

Today, the NYCDOHMH released an Alert describing an outbreak of mumps in Brooklyn.  Thus far, 57 confirmed cases of mumps, including cases among fully vaccinated persons, have been identified.  The full alert is attached and key points are noted below.  Please share this information with your colleagues and staff as appropriate.  This Health Alert will be posted on the Mount Sinai Infection Control website.

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Key Points

1.      All suspected cases of mumps must be reported to the Bureau of Immunization (212) 676-2288 (212-764-7667 after hours).  [Mumps is characterized by acute onset of unilateral or bilateral tender swelling of the parotid or other salivary glands, lasting 2 or more days.  Complications can include orchitis, mastitis, oophoritis, deafness, and encephalitis.]
2.      In health care settings, patients with suspected mumps should be cared for using Standard and DROPLET PRECAUTIONS.
3.      Testing should be performed on all suspected cases.  Testing should include blood (for IgM and IgG antibodies to mumps) and a buccal swab for viral isolation.  [Please note that a negative IgM does not rule-out mumps.]  Notify the lab if sending a specimen for viral isolation if mumps is suspected.
4.      Suspected cases should be kept home for 5 days after the onset of parotitis.  Susceptible contacts should stay home for the incubation period (12 days to 25 days after exposure).
5.      It is recommended that healthcare workers born after 1957 receive 2 doses of mumps-containing vaccine (e.g., MMR) unless contraindicated.  Healthcare workers born before 1957 who do not have a history of mumps should receive 1 dose of mumps containing vaccine and, in an outbreak setting, a second dose of mumps containing vaccine should be considered.



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