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As mentioned in faculty meeting today, NYCLIX has fixed it’s consent model and there is now a flood of data available from outside our institution.  ~ 20% of the patients coming in our ED have data available from elsewhere, all you have to do is login and look for it.
Key Points:
1)Any patient who has been at any of the following sites in the last 8-12 months should have data available:
    -Saint Vincent’s
    -Saint Luke’s Roosevelt
    -SUNY Downstate/UHB
    -Institute for Family Health (large federally qualified health clinic system)
2)The NYCLIX interface can be launched from the IBEX toolbar (mouse over the “all” and click “NYCLIX”)
3) Login IDs were created for those who were at the training session at our faculty meeting earlier this year.  Your NYCLIX login ID should be the same as your Sinai (msonsitehealth) login ID, but the NYCLIX password does not change.  If you need a password reset, please email me.
4)  If you didn’t go through the training earlier this year and need a login ID, please email me.  I will have an account created and we can schedule some time to go through the training and get you set up with a login.
5) If you use NYCLIX, please send me some feedback with the following points:
    a) Brief description of case
    b) What information was accessed in NYCLIX
    c) How did it affect your managment
    d) Any other compliments/complaints/comments
Finally, if you want any refreshers on using the system, or have any question, just grab me next time you see me, or shoot me an email.

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October 28th, 2009 at 4:39 pm

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