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Laryngoscope Handles & Airway Box

EMFaculty, EMResidents:

When intubating using conventional laryngoscopy, all of the implements we use to intubate at Sinai are disposable, except one: the laryngoscope handle. The flow for the handle is as follows: after you use it, you clean it with a disinfectant wipe and put it back in the box. Note that the laryngoscope blades are disposable.
Of course after intubating, you also must replenish all the supplies in the airway box according to the label on the box lid, for the next intubation. All materials needed for the box are in the airway cart, upon which the boxes sit. Colorimetric capnometers are suboptimal for confirmation and should not be in the box; instead the in-line capnograph attachment should be stocked in the box and used. If continuous capnography isn’t working or is thought to be unreliable, colorimetric devices are available in the cart.


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