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Sinai ED Clinical Resources

Sinai specific resources that we use both frequently and infrequently to make your shift go a little bit smoother.

Resus Room
– Resus Criteria
Critical Care Supplies
Ultrasound Documentation
– MI Team Activation: see info here. When in doubt, call AMAC.
– STROKE Team Activation: Call AMAC who will notify Stroke, CT, Lab.
Central Line Documentation: be sure to document Maximal Sterile Barrier use.

Methadone Clinics
– Harlem East Life Plan 2369 2nd Avenue (212) 876-2300

Disposition and Follow-Up
– (800) MD SINAI: Physician Referral Service to Faculty Practices and the following:
Settlement Health: Sliding Scale
Boriken Neighborhood Health: Sliding Scale
EHOPP: No health insurance, >22 yo, and Residents of East Harlem
– Metropolitan Psych Clinic
GYN Referral Guidelines
LWBT AMA and ELOPED Patients

Specific Patient Issues
– Sickle Cell -> Page Heme Fellow on admission/ ?every visit
– Hemophilia PTs -> Masterlist of Factor deficiencies in Attg Office
– Sexual Assault (Code 11): Call SW and then AMAC to reach SAVI and the SAFE examiner on call.

Expediting Admissions
– surge criteria
– TO BE CLEAN –> Call transport at 44443 to ensure they know bed needs to be cleaned

Phone Numbers
– AMAC – 43611

ID Approval
– Hours: 9 am – 6 pm. (Fill out form after 6pm)
– If ID unavailable -> call pharmacy to release drug

What About…
– When do I send a patient to Psych ED?
– ED Policy Manual

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