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Blood Bank QI

Transfusion Services has a new director, Dr. Kathleen Leonard, who comes from another institution and is committed to improving the service we get from the blood bank. The first problem we’re taking on is the rapid procurement of un-crossmatched blood.

The blood bank cannot send blood through the tube system without a recipient defined by two identifiers; in an urgent situation, this is going to be name and MRN. In a patient who needs prompt resuscitation, if a name isn’t immediately available, a John Doe chart should be generated. This is a two-step process that involves a registrar (to register the patient) and a nurse (to triage the patient). Both of these tasks can be done in a minute or two, but in urgent cases it may be beneficial for a physician to encourage the BA and RN so that the process is expedited.

Once these steps are complete and the patient appears in IBEX, the order for uncrossmatched blood should then be put into IBEX and a phone call should be made to the blood bank (46101). When you reach the blood bank, you should ask to speak with a tech. Tell the tech that you need STAT uncrossmatched blood in the emergency department, the name age and gender of the patient, and your tube station.

If you have problems with blood bank, especially with regard to patients who need urgent products, send me the specifics so I can discuss them with Dr. Leonard.

Futhermore, Dr. Leonard told me that her cell phone is on 24/7 if you have urgent blood bank needs that are not being met. Her coordinates are below.


Kathleen A. Leonard, MD
Director, Transfusion Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center

Phone:    212/241-8810
Fax:         212/876-5994
BB:          917/596-0023
Pager:     917/205-5034
Cell:         516/445-3667

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