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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Services encourages you to call them for patients who may benefit from the services below.

The primary contact is Rabbi Goldstein, and you may call him 24/7 at 917.842.6091 for all faiths and needs – he will triage appropriately, perform phone consultations after hours, and even come in if he deems it necessary. A list of other pastoral care contacts (including priests for administering last rites) is below.

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral Care helps people of all faiths find:
meaning, healing, hope, and comfort while experiencing the challenges of life.
clarity for decision-making, inspiration, release from stress.
connection with their Higher Power, God, the Universe, the Creator, or that which is beyond us all.
balance and inner peace.

Professional Pastoral Care does not proselytize.

Pastoral Care:
allows people to draw upon and examine their own beliefs.
encourages people grow through their experiences.
meets patients where they are –- spiritually and emotionally.

Who can Benefit from Pastoral Care?

Patients, families, friends, staff – everyone!

When Should You Call Pastoral Care?

When individuals and families are:
experiencing conflict.
experiencing despair or losing track of hope.
confronting serious illness.
considering end of life issues.

Who Provides Pastoral Care?

Board Certified and experienced Chaplains.
Community faith leaders, such as pastors, rabbis, and priests.
Specially-trained volunteers.

Other Services

Sunday Mass, Sacraments, and Communion for Catholic patients & their families.
Kosher food for Jewish patients, daily and holiday services.
Major holiday services of various faith traditions.

How to Contact Pastoral Care

Department of Pastoral Care 212-241-7262
In-house extension 47262
Catholic Priests: 212-241-7908  Pager: 917-401-1680

More Contact information:

Rabbi H. Rafael Goldstein, Director
Department of Pastoral Care
Cell Phone: 917-842-6091
Pager: Call the cell phone

Catholic Priests
Fr. Apolinari Ngirwa
Fr. Matthew Abba
Pager: 917-401-1680

Rabbi Mollie Cantor
Pager: 917-537-0125

Palliative Care
Rabbi Edith Meyerson
Pager: 917-919-5902

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