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Transferring from Mt Sinai to other facilities

We do not have to transfer often from Mt Sinai so this is what is necessary when we do:

-A transfer form must be completed, scanned  to the chart and given to the transfer team. This is found under copies in the lt hand column. This includes receiving facility/accepting physician info.  That being said, there also used to be a consent form under that same heading and it printed as a packet.  The consent form is probably important legally- I’m not sure why it is no longer there.

-You must also include a written exam (repeat exam) within in 1 hr(or something similiar) to transfer- to show the patient was stable prior to transfer. (I noted this on the transfer form and timed it- it could also be done as a dr note on the chart)

-A copy of the completed chart (with full H&P and attending note)

-Copies of any labs (just make sure you enter them into the chart from “results”)  or imaging studies(hard copy or cd- This can be made at the film library- way down the hall past the ED CT scanner on the right; there is a sign posted. I imagine during off hours the ED rad techs could do this.)

Feel free to add anything I may have forgotten. Anyone know why we no longer have the written patient consent for transfer- (I do think it is important)?
-Lori Montagna

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December 30th, 2009 at 5:59 am

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