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Please log your ultrasound scans, and LOG OUT when done

Just wanted to clear up some confusion.

When you perform an ultrasound on a patient in the ED, you must save an image of the exam.

Press the YELLOW-labelled  “Start & End” button on any of the machines in the Mount Sinai ED. This allows you to enter the patient medical record number (under ID) as well as your IBEX initials (Under patient Last Name).

As you scan, images you save will then be saved properly with the proper identifying information.

When you are finished, press the YELLOW-labelled  “Start & End” button AGAIN, that ends the exam. Hence the name, “Start & End.” Just one button to remember, does two jobs.

Please follow the link below for an ILLUSTRATED tutorial on this:

Why is this so important?

1. As soon as you end the exam, the images are wirelessly transmitted for electronic image archival to our department image database. If you don’t end the exam, the images will sit there, with no backup, prone to deletion or other data corruption.

2. If you don’t log out (end exam), the next person to use the machine will likely save THEIR images onto your login. The images will then show up as part of YOUR patient’s exam. We don’t need images of ascites., pregnancy, cardiac standstill, and AAA all logged in under the SAME PATIENT.

3. Do NOT leave the exam “Open” because you want to show the attending or someone else the study. ANY study on the machine can be viewed by pressing “Review” on the right side of the keyboard. All stored images currently on the machine can then be viewed. So if you want someone else to look at the images, you should still press “Start & End” after you scan.

Thanks again for your continued support. Stay tuned to and your email inbox for more exciting updates, including an upcoming cardiac resuscitation protocol!


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