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MSH Women’s Health Services Referral Guidelines

Indications for Referral
Threatened abortion
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (H/H>30)
Post-partum patients
Urinary tract infection
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Sexually transmitted diseases
Contraception (all forms)
Routine Gyn exam
Pelvic pain

Refer to Specialty Clinics
Colposcopy (Abnormal PAP) -> Pt with abnormal PAP smear
Cystometrics (Urinary Incontinence) Speciality clinics

Refer to JMF Clinic not GYN
Sexual assault patients

Refer to Gyn Surgery Clinic
Possible ectopic pregnancy (ASAP or send to ER)
Missed ab confirmed (ASAP)
Bartholin cyst/abscess (1 week//use Word Catheter)
Ovarian cyst premenopausal pt (>5 cm) (1-2 wk)
Ovarian cyst postmenopausal pt (any size) (1-2 wk)
Pt requiring elective surgery (1-2 wk)
Fibroids(symptomatic or >12 wk) [3-4 wk; If H/H <30, w/in 1 wk]
DUB unresponsive to treatment [3-4 wk; If H/H <30, w/in 1 wk]
Cysto/rectocele 3-4 wk (needs neg urine C&S)
Uterine prolapse 3-4 wk
Other Gyn pathology 3-4 wk

Refer to Infertility Clinic
Gyn endocrine disorder

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