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Starting July 1 AMAC will check on call schedules, age of
patient and code 11 as listed in complaint column.

If it is weekdays between 8A and 6 PM they will call the
social worker for adult or peds code 11s and connect to the
charge nurse in the area.

Off these hours and on weekends they will page the SAVI
advocate on call and connect to the charge nurse in the
area. SAVI can also be activated thru AMAC for domestic
violence cases off hours. Advocates provide information to
survivors and are present to provide emotional support,
encourage follow up. They do not perform exams or evidence

We have some shifts covered for the forensic portion of the
sexual assualt exam and evidence collection. For patients
listed as code 11 in the triage complaint, AMAC will call
the SAFE if there is one on the schedule and connect to the
Attending in the area. They will also notify the Attending
if there is NOT a SAFE so that the Attending can designate
the appropriate HCW to perform the exam. We are working to
expand this program.

Thank you for your support.
Barbara Richardson, MD, SAFE
Deb Travis, RN, SANE-A

ADDENDUM: from Dwayne Raymond, RN

Both photographs and NON-IBEX documentation of the physical
exam, Comprehensive Sexual Assault Form (CSAF) usually
found in the SAVI packets – SHOULD BE SECURED IN THE LOCK

The logbook can be found in the lockbox of the SAVI cabinet.
PLEASE, do not leave anything in the metal cabinet of the
medication room.

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June 30th, 2006 at 6:13 pm

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