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Q Tips

· Gloves do not replace the need for hand washing! Please be sure to wash your hands (or use Purell) before and after every patient encounter. The Infection Control department is collecting observational data as to our practices in the ED for the hospital. Please do your best to comply.

· There are new ACIP guidelines which recommend the usage of Tdap rather than Td for patients requiring tetanus prophylaxis. There has been an increased incidence of pertussis in recent years which has prompted the change in protocol. The pharmacy is now stocking Tdap. Please adjust your orders to reflect these new recommendations.

· In reviewing ED mortalities, we have found intermittent usage of D50 in the resuscitation of cardiac arrest patients. Per ACLS guidelines, there is no role for D50 in these patients.

· While resuscitating cardiac arrest patients, please remember that the new ACLS guidelines stress the importance of continuous CPR with as few & limited interruptions as possible. We are re-stressing this as there was an instance where CPR was halted for an EKG to be done during a code for VF.

· If there is any concern or suspicion of foul play in an ED death, in addition to calling the ME, please call social work to evaluate the case.

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October 12th, 2006 at 1:45 am

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