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Patients with recent I-131 Treatment

A patient who comes in s/p I 131 treatment within a month of their treatment:

Isolate the patient in an Isolation room in the ED.  Stay 6 feet away from the patient as much as possible at all times.

Keep pregnant staff and children away from the patient.

Call Endocrinology Consult 24/7 to make them aware the patient is in the Emergency Department.  The alternative will  be would be to contact the Radiation Safety Officer.

If the patient needs admission admit them to the “Radiation Room” on A3 OR a private room if this is not available.

If it was a patient recently discharged from EHC and needs admission – re-admit the patient back to the room from where they were discharged.

Of note: the patient should be wanded with a Geiger Counter.  < 2mr/ hr all children and pregnant staff need to stay 6 feet from patient.  >2mr/ hr all staff need to stay 6 feet from the patient.  If the patient is in extremis, treat the patient first as radiation emission is a secondary concern.  More on wanding and Geiger Counters to come…

Laura Iavicoli-Allensworth, MD

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October 13th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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