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Measles Exposure

We had confirmed Measles case in the ED last Thursday and Friday. Staff that was exposed was already contacted, or will be contacted soon.
Also some patients and family members of patients were exposed. The Department of Health may send some exposed patient or family members to the ED for testing. If a patient presents to the ED and says “The Department of Health sent me”… for measles exposure, then follow the following procedures:
1. Give the pt and “green” N 95 mask
2. sit the patient in a chair in intake
3. pull the curtain
4. quick reg, then full reg pt (EHS code)
5. Quick triage pt
6. order (as a custom order for now) “measles Igg”
7. draw gold top tube, label it with pt works label
8. send specimen on downtime form to the lab–
9. d/c “non billable visit.
Please make sure that the contact information is correct so that infection control and or the DOH can contact the patient with titer information.
Please remember. Any pt with a fever and a rash should go into an isolation or single room, at least until a provider can see the patient.
any questions?
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the order was put in so… no need for down time form..

look in:

I added the test in the following grp under miscellaneous:

Common labs

Common labs-peds

Common orders


*Measles Antibody

is the name of the test


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