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PACT team

Hi All,
Many people have been asking about that yellow notification on certain charts regarding contacting the social worker for a PACT patient. The PACT program is run by the inpatient social workers to prevent hospital readmissions. These patients are given quick follow up with either their private MD or if no pmd, have their own clinic in the IMA, and have intensive services provided for them. Therefore if you are seeing them in the ED, please please let our social workers know or you can call 4-PACT directly and talk to Maria Basso-Lipani. It’s really a great program. If it is after hours and noone is available, please email me or liza the names of patients you see regardless of discharge or admission. Thank you!

Qualifications- 2 or more admits in the past 6 months
All diagnoses are welcome, but there is more information/education/concentration on CHF patients.

Exclusion criteria: No JMF patients, No heart transplant patients.

Our NICE program for frequent ED visitors will be working with their program to give these patients the best chance possible.


Written by reuben

February 9th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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