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Core Measures Update

Hey guys

Actual pay for performance is starting in six months and the most recent report card does not look as good as it could (i.e. if we were paid on our current performance the hospital would lose several million dollars).

We are primarily responsible for 3 metrics

1. Door to balloon for STEMI- on this we are doing well.

2. Blood cultures prior to antibiotics for pneumonia patients

a. This we are not doing as well partially because our previous strategy (no cultures for simple CAPNA) conflicted with the dogma of the admitting teams (cultures on everyone)

b. That said… given the increasing number of resistant organisms, ID is requesting cultures before any IV antibiotics on admitted patients

c. This strategy does have the advantage of simplifying the expected behavior so please…

d. If you are providing IV antibiotics to a patient you are admitting get blood cultures first. 2 sets. Every time.

3. Appropriate antibiotics for pneumonia patients

a. We do pretty well with this

b. The only piece we often miss is atypical coverage in the ICU PNA patients

c. Give azithromicin to both community and hospital associated pneumonia patients

Again, this is a very visible issue at the level of the C Suite.
Thanks for the help.


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February 14th, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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