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ICU Consult and Admission

ICU Consults: When consulting any ICU, initiate the consult via AMAC (43611). This allows the consult to be time stamped so that ICU consults can be monitored by the QA committee. The MARS team consultation criteria outline what they feel are appropriate parameters to summon a formal consultation by their team and after hours, a critical care consultation by the MICU. Be sure to print a consult with specific questions so that the consultant can provide management recommendations as needed.

MICU Admission Criteria: are available on the Mount Sinai Intranet. A copy is available here as well.

ICU Bed Management: See full policy here. If the patient is deemed appropriate for ICU admission and no bed is available, it is the responsibility of the consulted ICU to attempt to find an ICU bed where the patient may be boarded. It is then the responsibility of the ICU boarding the patient to manage the patient until a bed in the accepting ICU is available. The critical point is that the consultant state that the patient is indeed an ICU candidate, that the patient is accepted to the ICU, but that a bed is not available. The patient can not be denied solely due to bed availability. Patients accepted to an ICU who remain in the Emergency Department pending bed availability in the unit are the primary responsibility of the ED Attending – this is why it is key that management recommendations be provided by the icu consultant.

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