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ICU Bed Management Protocol

(a) Intensive Care Unit patients being transferred should have highest priority (over the Emergency Department and Holding Area patients) for the first available bed on the appropriate service. These decisions will not be at the discretion of the House Staff.

(b) A rotational call schedule will designate for each day a critical care fellow and attending physician (“ICU bed management team”) from the MICU, SICU, and NSICU who will have authority for movement of patients into and out of critical beds in those units, respectively. Each of these ICUs will maintain a daily priority list of patients who may be moved out of the ICU if necessary and appropriate.

(c) When a patient treated in the Emergency Department is critically ill and requires treatment in an ICU setting, the attending emergency physician will contact the clinically most appropriate unit for the patient.

(d) Upon receiving a request to transfer a patient to the ICU, the ICU bed management team of the designated ICU will determine if transfer to the ICU is appropriate, and if so, they will identify a physician to whom that patient will be admitted.

(e) If the patient is appropriate for transfer and a bed is available in the designated ICU, that ICU will make arrangements for transfer as rapidly as possible.

(f) If the patient is appropriate for transfer and no bed is available in the designated unit , the ICU bed management team of that unit will have the responsibility for finding an ICU bed for the patient at the earliest possible time. This may involve appropriate discharge of an ICU patient to another unit or “boarding” of the Emergency Department patient in another ICU. During the period that the patient is “boarding”, the critical care staff of the boarding unit will direct and manage the care of the patient. The ICU bed management team will endeavor to minimize the time that the patient is boarded by making appropriate transfers.

(g) If it is anticipated that there will be a delay in the transfer of a patient to either the designated ICU, a boarder ICU or another service, at the request of the ED Attending, the ICU team will write a critical care consultation for assistance in the management of the patient. Such consultations will be provided in accordance with Medical Board policy.

(h) On call lists for critical care attending physicians and fellows will be provided to the ED and contact numbers provided to the Telecommunications on a regular basis, with changes communicated in a timely manner.

(i) ICU and CCU admissions and consultations will have quality assurance review

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