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Elmhurst: Clarification of SICU admission policies

At a meeting today with the heads of General Surgery, Trauma Surgery, SICU, Neurology and Jim Harris the following was agreed to and will be added to the ICU admission policy shortly:

1) All RED and YELLOW trauma patients needing ICU care MUST be admitted to the SICU with the Trauma Surgery as the admitting service.

That means patients with isolated neuro-surgical or orthopedic injuries, for example, who would have in the past gone to the SICU on the NS or ortho service should now be admitted to the to the SICU on the trauma service. Understand that this is new and the surgical residents may not know of this policy for a few days.

2) Critical surgical patients needing SICU care should be admitted to the unit whether or not the attending or fellow in the unit has discussed the plan of care with the admitting surgical team.

That means, after you have come to an agreement with the admitting team or you decide it’s best for the patient that they are admitted to the unit, you don’t have to wait for the unit fellow/attending to track down the chief resident of Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics, etc. before admitting the patient and sending them upstairs. If there is a bed available the ED nurse staff should give report and get them upstairs ASAP.

3) Neurology cases needing an ICU should first be admitted to the RICU with neurology as a consultant. If the RICU is full then they should be admitted to the SICU under the neurology service as the primary team.

That means neurology patients managed in the SICU the same way that current surgical patients are managed.

4) NO more waiting in the ED for repeat CT at “6 hours” for patients with traumatic intra-craninal hemorrhages. They must all be admitted to neurosurgery and sent to the unit or step-down.


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