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Epic Dispositions

a few changes in the disposition section …

– you will notice there is no option for “observation” anymore – to do it, you must enter an order to “admit to observation” – the department is “emergency medicine” and then enter the diagnosis. accept the order & then you can then make this a favorite by clicking the star to the right of the order. once you sign the order, it will automatically change the disposition to “observation”. this will also help in our obs billing as we will now always have the order in place.

– you will also notice that you can dispo to “cath lab”, “to clinic”, & to “L&D” … so less confusion as to where to find it. you can still find other dispositions, if needed, if you click the magnifying glass.

we will continue to work to improve the functionality of epic & keep everyone up to date.

Written by reuben

August 18th, 2011 at 9:16 pm

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