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Pregnancy does not need to be ruled out before most xrays

In case you missed this info from the Medical Board, approved September 2011-

Pregnancy screening NOT required for extremity films, chest x-ray, and some other commonly ordered studies from the ED.

>From the policy, these are the procedures that DO REQUIRE pregnancy screening:

The following is a List of Procedures that require pregnancy screening for female patients age 11-50
1. All diagnostic studies involving intravascular contrast
2. All MR studies
3. Studies employing ionizing radiation (fluoroscopy, radiography or computed tomography) that might be expected to expose the uterus to significant radiation:
a. Abdomen (all views)
b. Pelvis (all views) including
Sacro-iliac joints
c. Hips, including
Femoral heads
Fluoroscopy-guided groin catheterization
d. Segments of spine in the primary beam, including
Thoracic Spine
Lumbar Spine
e. Bowel Series, including
GI Series
Small Bowel Series
Barium Enema

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