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Rapid Strep Documentation

Hi All:
Rapid strep results must all be documented in the chart as POCT.
Nursing has an easier way of doing this on their template, and the
EPIC team is working on giving us the same easy way to document any
point of care testing (POCT) we do in the ED. In the meantime, please
make sure the residents are ordering the rapid strep test ( easily
found in peds common orders ) . To record the result, click on ‘more
activities’ located on the bottom of the left sided menu that has
‘snapshot’, ‘chart’ , etc . This will open a menu where you should
choose ‘enter / edit results’ . The page that will open for you will
have the ordered POCT at the top. You have to highlight the test for
which you are recording the results , and the place your ‘neg’ or
‘pos’ in the result box that will open at the bottom of the page.
Remember to also record the date.
This should all be less painful once we have the somewhat easier
version the nurses have. But, please record these results. We are at
risk for losing all POCT in the ED if we do not comply with some


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January 30th, 2012 at 8:40 pm

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