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ABO Confirmation

What is an ABO confirmatory specimen?
ABO confirmatory specimen / 2nd ABO specimen policy has been in place at Mount Sinai since 2007. It is a patient safety measure designed to help prevent ABO hemolytic transfusion reactions due to phlebotomy / patient identification errors. Many patients have had at least two type and screens before any transfusion is ordered, and hence will never need an ABO confirmatory specimen, as their blood type has already been confirmed.
An ABO confirmatory specimen is needed only once, ever, to confirm a patient’s ABO blood type, in order to ensure the patient is given the correct blood type. An ABO confirmatory specimen is required on patients who have never had a type and screen while at Mount Sinai, and thus have no historical blood type on record to compare with the current specimen.
The only exceptions, for which a 2nd ABO is not needed, is for T&S specimens drawn in Perioperative Services (which has never had a phlebotomy error resulting in a mislabeled specimen). Perioperative Services areas that do not require ABO confirmatory specimens include: DAS, Cardiac Pre-Admission, Cardiac Cath, Ambulatory and Special Procedures.
All inpatient locations, outpatient locations, Emergency Department, Labor and Delivery, FPA and private physician offices require ABO confirmatory specimens. The Blood Bank will notify the patient care area when a 2nd ABO confirmatory specimen is needed. ABO confirmatory specimens do not include an antibody screen, and have a shorter turnaround time.
In the event of an emergency transfusion, type O red blood cells will be provided until the ABO blood type can be confirmed.

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