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Setting up NIV / BiPAP / CPAP

1. Notify RESPIRATORY THERAPIST that there will be a patient on NIV.
2. Turn Ventilator On.
3. Select NEW PATIENT.
4. Enter patient’s Ideal Body Weight (IBW) and press CONTINUE.
5. Select VENT TYPE button, turn knob to select NIV.
6. Select MODE button, turn knob to select SIMV.
7. Select MANDATORY type, turn knob to Pressure Control (PC).
8. Select SPONTANEOUS type, turn knob to Pressure Support (PS). Press CONTINUE.
9. For IPAP 10 / EPAP 5, adjust Psupp button to 5, adjust PEEP button to 5. O2% as indicated.
10. Press ACCEPT to apply settings. Airflow will not begin until mask is attached to patient.

Here is the poster in in powerpoint format.

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February 18th, 2012 at 1:03 am

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