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EHC Cardiac Room Presentations

Reminder to attendings/residents in Critical Care area:

When cases are presented to you from triage

1) Cardiac Room (CR) attending must see/examine patient if the patient is to be sent to the team
2) CR attending signs the EKG (if one is available) before “refusing patient”
3) RN represents patient to the Team (A/B) attending
4) A/B attending ALSO signs the EKG (when one is available) before scanning into HMED
5) A/B attending personally speaks to the CR attending if there is a disagreement about where is safest for patient to be evaluated.

PGY-4 (Pre-attendings) residents:

1)Cardiac room resident can accept patient but cannot be the only one to refuse them.
2) Team senior resident can evaluate these patients and, if the resident has a concern, discuss the case with the team attending.
3) The team attending discusses the case with the CR attending when there is a disagreement.

Phil (Fairweather)

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December 26th, 2012 at 5:23 pm

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