I forget…what did that email say? oh yeah, its at

Team 7000

Areas Covered:

MC level- all areas (except B1 dialysis)

1st floor-
-all lobbies, hallways
-Guggenheim (cafeteria, etc)
-Klingenstein Pavilion
-1184 5th Ave
-Atran Building

*one common thing that comes up is the 2nd floor and above for KCC, it usually says clinical center which sounds like it is outpatient, but if its above the 1st floor it isn’t us.

911 and ED respond in concert to:

19 E. 98th St
5 E. 98th St
Primary Care Building
Basic Sciences Building
1425 Madison (Icahn or East Building)

Hope this helps!

Natasha Desai

Written by phil

December 27th, 2012 at 10:49 pm

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