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STEMI notifications

Hi Everyone,

A significant change to EMS Policy regarding STEMI was announced by FDNY and supported by the Regional EMS Advisory Committee on which I serve and takes effect today, February 1st.

There will NOT be a STEMI notification made for new or presumably new LBBB.
STEMI notifications will now ONLY be made if the ST elevations are greater than 2mm in two or more contiguous leads.
They will still direct STEMI’s greater than 1mm in two or more contiguous leads to PCI centers

Because we all complain about too many false positive activations!

What does this mean for you?

1. STEMI notifications will only be called for massive STEMI’s! You should call a STEMI alert through AMAC based on prehospital notification.

2. You must appreciate that you will receive pt’s having an acute STEMI with no advanced notification and must be prepared to mobilize resources quickly.
– As always, our nursing staff will rapidly triage these patients to the RESUS room.
– Physician staff should rapidly respond to the overhead page, receive handoff from the EMS Providers and call an AMAC STEMI alert if you agree with the ECG interpretation by the prehospital providers. You can repeat the ECG with our machines but only if you believe it is necessary and will not delay care.


Kevin G. Munjal, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Associate Medical Director of Prehospital Care,
Department of Emergency Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center

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