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Heart Failure

Heart Failure Clinical Pathway_ED_OBS through Discharge _ 1 15 14

A multidisciplinary heart failure pathway is being rolled out this week (linked above). Most of it is common practice- my take on the key points for the ED are as follows.
· BNP testing is requested as the heart failure team is using serial BNP results to gauge response to therapy and readiness for discharge.
· Strict I & O order while patient is in ED is also requested.
· Lasix should be dosed every 8 hours.
· Hold ACE / ARB while in ED.
· Consult the heart failure team for any of the following:

o Recurrent hospitalization for CHF within one year
o Elevated Troponin or Acute Coronary Syndrome
o Concurrent infection
o Worsening renal failure
o Ventricular Tachy Arrhythmia

Thank you for your attention to this important initiative.


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March 4th, 2014 at 10:41 pm

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