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Massive Transfusion

As promised, see the attached Massive Transfusion Protocol Final.

Some important points are highlighted. The guideline for when a patient might need the MTP is:
· one blood volume transfusion over 24 hours,

· 50% blood volume in 3 hours

· ongoing blood loss >150 ml/min

· expected >10 pRBC units in 24 hours

Most of all, please remember, there are TWO ways to get emergent blood and they are both done by a PHONE CALL to the blood bank:
· Emergent release of blood

o This could be o-neg or type specific uncrossed blood.

o Be aware you might get O-pos blood for men and women over child-bearing years.

o Use this for unstable bleeding patients who need blood ASAP, but don’t meet the above MTP criteria

· Massive Transfusion

o Use this for patients meeting the above criteria.

o The blood bank will put an order into Epic saying which products were sent.

Pleased send a reply to me indicating that you have read and understand the policy.

Peter Shearer, MD FACEP

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March 17th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

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