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Ophthalmology Consults

Procedure- Emergency Department (ED).

Stable Patients
I. For the ED patient that is stable and presents with a chief complaint of an eye problem and will also be discharged. The following referral process must be followed:
i. The emergency department will contact the ophthalmology clinic on 8east of the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) at 212-824-7653 or 7655.
ii. The ED will provide the clinic physician with pertinent information related to (1) chief complaint and (2) any actions and/or interventions undertaken in the ED.
iii. The patient will be discharged from the ED and directed to the CAM building with a consult form.

Emergent Patients
II. For the ED patient that requires an ophthalmology evaluation in the ED (i.e. trauma or eye injury) or is unable to ambulate to CAM. The following process will be followed:
i. The ED will contact the ophthalmology resident via beeper # 917-641-1556 during the hours of 8:30-5p Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 12:30p-5p Wednesday.
ii. After hours, weekends and holidays, the ED will contact the page operator for the on-call ophthalmology resident.
iii. The resident will come to the ED and provide the necessary ophthalmology evaluation and treatment.
iv. The ophthalmology resident will transport the patient to Annenberg 2 if needed and return the patient back to the ED.

Admitted Patients
III. For the patient that present to the ED and is admitted for a diagnosis unrelated to ophthalmology but has an eye condition that requires an eye consult (i.e. CVA). The following procedure is followed:
i. The admitting physician will order an ophthalmology consult during the admission process.
ii. The referral will follow the inpatient ophthalmology referral /consult process outlined below.

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