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HIV PEP – 2 options

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NB.There are two different packages of HIV PEP (Kaletra and Truvada) in the Pyxis—a 5 day supply and a 1 dose supply.

Use the single dose HIV PEP for needlesticks and body fluid exposures where the SOURCE

patient is known, consentable  and can have rapid HIV testing return within few hours, ie. Inpatient at Mount Sinai and patient or surrogate can give consent.

ALL other patients who have a significant exposure within the 36 hour time frame, unknown source or unavailable source—this would include sexual assault patients—should receive the 5 day starter HIV PEP and be referred to the appropriate area for follow up—EHS (employees

off for the weekend who cannot return until Monday), sexual assault survivors, etc go to Jack Martin Clinic or Adolescent Health depending upon age.

The reason for 2 different packaging methods is cost—the majority of needlesticks from inhospital known source can get rapid HIV testing (and this is usually negative and the rest of the 5 day course is wasted. If the employee is exposed to KNOWN positive patient, consider ID consult to see if this regimen is best and give 5 day course with referral to JMC.

Thanks for you attention!

Barbara Richardson

Written by reuben

November 17th, 2008 at 8:59 pm

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