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NYCLIX Go Live Mon 2/23

As mentioned in Faculty meeting on 2/11, NYCLIX patient consent is going
live the morning of 2/23, you will therefore have access to login and look
up patient information starting tomorrow morning.

Your login is:Rstray01

password is: [assigned password]

The URL is:

NYCLIX can only be accessed from the hospital or through

Once in, you can change your password by clicking on “Personal Settings” in
the upper right hand corner, and then under “User Administration”, typing in
a new password and clicking “Save” at the top.  This is only temporary since
your NYCLIX login will soon be automatically linked to your Sinai network

I am working on getting a link from the IBEX toolbar implemented so that you
can just follow that and then login.  Eventually, we should have a
pass-through link like the one from IBEX to EDR so that your login
credentials allow you to go directly to the IBEX patient’s chart in NYCLIX
with one click.

A few important points:

This is a pilot implementation, mainly to get your feedback as pilot users.
There are many patients with data on the system that you may not be able to
access because the patient has not consented at the other site (consent is
required at each site before data from that site will be shared).

-Many patients have consented at VNS and NYU, if you have a patient to have
been at either of those sites, you are more likely to find information.

-The likelihood of finding information will increase over time as more
patients have the opportunity to consent.

-If you do use NYCLIX for any reason, and you find useful information (or a
problem), please let me know.  What we really need right now are stories
from end users about how it helped, and feedback to help us make it better.

-NYCLIX Helpdesk support is not up and running yet at Sinai.  If you
experience difficulty, need a password reset, or have any questions, please
contact me by email and/or cell phone (917-334-6233).



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February 23rd, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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