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Guidelines for Digital Photography in the ED

Policy for all Digital photography taken in the Emergency Department must be managed according to this procedure for the following protocol cases:

A. Sexual Assault (Code 11) see policy # 26.4
B. Domestic Violence see policy #26.3
C. Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse/Neglect- see policy #26.1
D. Educational Purposes

Photographs to be taken by SAFE Examiner and/or ED physician.

Consent for the taking of photos must be obtained from the patient except in cases of child abuse! Photo consent form is in Copies.

How to take photographs:
1. Obtain digital camera and Memory Card from Pediatric PYXIS/Safe Cabinet.
2. Ensure that memory card is loaded into camera and empty.
3. Ensure battery is charged. (Spare located in attending cabinet in peds ED.)
4. Ensure that appropriate date and quality setting is correct.
5. Obtain three (3) patient labels from IBEX.
6. Obtain Photo Documentation Page from Copies, affix patient label, fill in your name, document subject of each photo i.e. body part or injury.
7. First and last picture in sequence must be of patient’s IBEX label.
8. For all close up pictures, ensure that ‘macro’ setting (flower icon) is enabled.
9. Include in each picture, patient label and reference marker (paper ruler) if possible.
10. Review all pictures taken to ensure clarity and identification. Delete unusable pictures.
11. Remove memory card from camera.
12. Place memory card and Photo ID page into envelope (located behind lock box in attending office), label envelope, and deposit in locked box located in attending office.
13. Document in Ibex that photos have been taken and by whom.

How to upload images to Onbase (social work):
1. Social work will check the locked box in Attending Office when contacted by on-call SW and weekly to ensure that all pictures have been downloaded.
2. Insert Card into Card reader
3. Select Onbase Program, enter user ID and Password.
4. Download pictures to appropriate secure drive (i.e. Sexual Abuse, etc…) inserting comments from the Photo Id Page.
5. Insure Photos are deleted from memory card.
6. Return empty card to Pediatric Pyxis/Safe cabinet.
7. Document in Ibex that pictures have been downloaded.
8. Give Photo ID Sheet to B.A. to scan into chart

Access to Onbase Program is restricted to:
1. ED Attendings
2. ED social workers
3. Child and Family Support Program
4. Medical Records

After all photographs are completed and uploaded ensure that appropriate documentation is completed in IBEX i.e. “photos taken by ____”. Insure that appropriate consents are scanned into the medical record.

Extra charged battery located in the Attending cabinet in Pediatric ED.

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August 15th, 2008 at 2:17 pm