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Photo Policy

The new camera and photo policy has been deployed in the clinical environment. The Policy can be found with the other department policies on line. The necessary sheets (Photo consent, Photo ID sheet) are located in copies. In summary….

Obtain the camera from the Peds ED Pyxis (if SAFE is not involved), print out the consent and the ID sheet. Get consent (not necessary for child abuse cases). Ensure the memory card is in the camera. Take your first picture of Patient label, take your photos of the patient, document after each photo on the photo ID sheet what the photos are of (ie left arm bruise), take your last picture of the patient label. Remove the memory card. Place card in envelope with the signed Photo ID page (envelopes located behind the storage box), place the sealed envelope in the photo storage lock box located in the attending office. Document in the chart that the photos were taken. SW will download the images the next day. Let Dr. Cohen, Dr. Richardson or Sara Mendes know if there are any questions.


1) For close ups use the flower Icon on the camera (macro setting)
2) Spare battery located in the charger in the locked attending cabinet in peds
3) Extra memory cards are located in the pyxis

Written by phil

August 15th, 2008 at 2:20 pm