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Radiology & Surgery Update

Hi everyone,

Lisa and I had an interdepartmental meeting with Radiology and Surgery at Sinai today – some matters they want us to pass along.

1.  Gastrografin will not be used anymore.  Instead, for g-tube placement confirmation – we are going to use Isovue.  Isovue is the same substance as the IV contrast we use for CTs and can be obtained from almost anywhere in the Department of Radiology.  So please throw out the gastrografin you guys have hoarded in your mailboxes.

2.   When ordering radiological studies – please include your call back # on it.

3.  When ordering CT (-) for acute stroke, please include onset of symptoms.

4.  Radiology is reducing the number of CT scanners in operation from 2 to 1 at night.  ‘Night’ being 10pm – 8AM.  Radiology promises this will NOT affect the ED.  Please let me know if this becomes an issue [with specific instances, patient MR#s, etc] if it does.

5.  Radiology will still not have an u/s tech at night despite efforts by their own residents and other departments to encourage this.

6.  Lastly – per Surgery.  Patients awaiting a liver transplant AND who are on the list – in situations involving surgical issues – call Liver Transplant FIRST via.  Cirrhotic patients who are NOT on the transplant list – call SURGERY for consults.

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June 10th, 2009 at 5:36 am

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