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Sinai Wilderness Medical Society


Co-Director, Residente Virdis Montis and all around Outdoor Guy: Dr. Hill
Co-Director, Treehugger and Climbing Guru: Dr. Hahn
Co-Director, Farily Consistent Recycler: Dr. Andrus
Resident Representative and ski/snowboard/tele instructor: Dr. Oishi
Secretary of Spaghetti: Dr. Bruns
Members: Dr. Bentley, Dr. Strayer, Dr. Truong


Wilderness Medical Society

Upcoming Events

2009 Summer Retreat
2010 Winter Retreat – Dalton NH

Past Events

2009 Sinai WMS Winter Retreat
– Attendees: Dr. Andrus, Dr. Hill, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Strayer, Dr. Oishi, Dr. Bentley
– Activities: Skiing/snowboarding/Telemark Skiing/Snowshoeing/Snow Hiking
– Lecture: How not to settle Cataan (Dr. Hill)

2008 Sinai WMS Winter Retreat
– Sinai WMS established
– Attendees: Dr. Andrus, Dr. Hill, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Bruns, Dr. Oishi, Dr. Truong
– Activities: Skiing/snowboarding/tele/snowshoeing
– Lecture: Thermodynamics of snowpack (Dr. Hill)

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