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Q Tips August 2008

“Q”uality tips from recent months:

CVP can be measured off femoral lines with relative accuracy if the patient is lying flat.
When ordering medications, “time” is no longer a mandatory field.
When giving fluids to patients, please be sure to remember to actually enter an order.  In addition, if the patient receives more than 1 liter, please remember to re-order it so there is a clear reflection of how much fluids the patient actually got.
A low B-hcg does not eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy – in fact, low B-hcg are more common in these cases.
If you have an elevated lactate on a patient with presumed sepsis (or in any case actually), be sure to get a repeat value to show either normalization or a trend.
Be sure to document your initial EKG interpretations – especially in pts with STEMIs or USA.
When you talk to the ME regarding a death in the ED, if you do not agree with their interpretation of etiology of death – you can refuse to sign the death certificate & the ME will then have to take the case.

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August 16th, 2008 at 1:41 am

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